Episode 002 - Social Media Sucks

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As business owners and marketers, we know the frustrations that social media can bring on the daily. This episode, we dive into common gripes with social media and how you can make peace with them. 

Key takeaways

  • Social media can make you feel bad about yourself, but it also provides valuable opportunities like new careers, flexible schedules, friendships and more. If we can figure out how to separate our emotions from all social platforms, we will have the healthiest relationship with social media. 

  • When in doubt about how following a certain account is making you feel, unfollow or mute it. It’s not worth feeling “less than” to see some pretty pictures. 

  • If you can’t afford to financially support someone’s business or purchase from them (or if it’s not your style), support them via social media. Following and engaging on social accounts for businesses is a free and lovely way to support people. 

  • We’re only seeing everyone’s highlight reel. Instagram is a curated app where people are only sharing their successes, not their failures. The grass isn’t greener, they are just using a filter. 

  • How do you beat the algorithm? The answer? You can’t. All of these “tips and tricks” you’ve heard that will help you beat the algorithm aren’t real. Instead, focus on posting content that makes you feel good and showcases your brand authentically rather than posting just for engagement. 

  • Map out what you would want as requirements for a social media manager for your business. How much should they post? What kind of content do you want them to share? How do you want them to engage? Set these standards for this “role” and apply the criteria to yourself. If you’re not stacking up against the job description, it’s time to fire yourself. 



Goal Digger podcast episode with Puno, co-creator of PeopleMap




  1. Go through the list of people you’re currently following on Instagram, and remove anyone who doesn’t “spark joy”. Either unfollow or mute any accounts that don’t make you happy. 

  2. Make a commitment to a posting schedule for your social media channels.

Samantha Welker