Episode 006 - Haters To The Left

In this week's episode, we tackle trolls. Not literally, but we do go in depth about dealing with rude and unreasonable people both in customer service and on social media. Whether you're a product or service-based business or just a personal brand building your following, you will at some point encounter someone emboldened behind a keyboard to be an a$$hole. We're sharing experiences, tips and methods to help get you through it with grace and emotional maturity. 

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People are emboldened when they are behind a keyboard. Whether it’s directed at your business or your personal brand, you’re going to encounter salty, bitter humans on the internet. There are just crazy people you’re going to encounter in any industry. When you put yourself out there on social media, you’re opening yourself up for potential negativity.

It’s easy for followers on social media to disassociate the person behind the account with the brand itself. That makes it easier for them to be negative towards you, without actually directing it to YOU. It’s hard to not take it all personally, but they aren’t rationally directing their negativity at you.

Pick and choose your battles. You will be able to tell who is reasonable and who is just looking for a fight. Don’t waste your energy on the ones who can’t be reasonable. You’ll never make that person happy.


If you’re feeling emotionally distraught or having a hard time not responding from an emotional place, set up templated responses to have on hand to take some of the effort out of your response:

  • Add these templates to your email signatures so you can auto populate them as needed.

  • Save the responses to a cloud service like Notes, Evernote, etc so you can access them as needed.

  • Create “Quick Replies” in your Instagram Stories if you have a business profile.

Step back and breathe:

  • If you really need to vent, take a screenshot and send to your business bestie to get it off your chest.

  • If it’s still on your mind a few days later, try and decide if it’s worth your peace of mind to respond.

To Summarize:

  • Be prepared for negativity with canned responses and automation. This will help deflate some of the triggers that cause emotional distress.


  • Create your templates, filter comments and set up your canned responses to help you avoid triggering an emotional response.

Samantha Welker