The Magical Art Of Delegating

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How to successfully delegate

  1. Learn to let go

  2. Play to your teams’ strengths

  3. Document the process

  4. Trust, but always verify.

How to know which tasks to delegate:

  1. Brain dump. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and start by making a list:

  2. Start with all the tasks you have to do everyday.

  3. Once you have it mapped out, write down approximately how much time each task takes you.

  4. Now grab your big sharpie and put a big X next to any tasks that absolutely no one but YOU can do.

  5. Next, take a yellow highlighter and highlight the tasks that are so simple that you could train someone to do it in 5 minutes

  6. Next, take a 3 highlighter and highlight the tasks that you can create systems for, god I love systems.

So you should be left with a pretty flushed out list of tasks that you can and can’t delegate. I recommend starting with the tasks you highlighted in yellow, just to flex your delegating muscles. Once you feel comfortable with those being taken over by someone else, you can move on to creating a documented process for the tasks highlighted in green. Don’t worry, documented processes and systems are basically my favorite thing ever, so we’ll cover that in a separate episode.

Resources for virtual assistants:

  1. Upwork (this is the one I’ve personally used in the past and really liked)

  2. Fiverr

  3. Zirtual

  4. Task Bullet