Growing + Manifesting Radical Confidence As A Small Business Owner

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Insecure Business Owner Checklist

  1. I am constantly seeking reassurance

  2. When hanging out with people I try to steer the convo away from questions about you or your business?

  3. I tend to modify my behaviors based on what I think others might think of me

  4. I try to fix cover up mistakes before they are noticed by anyone else and/or blame external factors for mistakes

  5. I hesitate to ask for help and have a hard time saying no.

  6. I make excuses so I’m not blamed for anything

  7. I shy away from leadership roles and let others make a decision out of fear of being help accountable for the wrong decision

Key traits of a confident business owner:

  1. She’s realistic

  2. She focuses on the positive rather than the negative

  3. She knows when to say “no”

  4. She’s constantly learning + growing

  5. She doesn’t compete with other women

Next steps:

  1. Make a victory log.

  2. Map out your strengths

  3. Reframe your weaknesses

  4. Admit your own ignorance

  5. Associate with confident people

Samantha Welker