Public Relations 101 for Small Business Owners with Connie Wong

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When you’re building a business you’re not going to be a success overnight. There’s building blocks to everything

If you don’t have budget for a publicist:

  1. Start with developing your elevator pitch: 2-3 sentences that is super clear and concise.

  2. Go for quality over quantity: if you’re going to pitch your brand to someone, do your research before sending through your pitch.

  3. Work on developing a relationship with whoever you are approaching, rather than mass emailing.

What to look for when hiring a publicist:

  1. Someone who aligns with your brand and your values

  2. Someone who has documented success in your industry (better contacts!)

  3. Someone who is willing to become an “extension” of your brand to help you succeed.

Anyone who can promise you results... is probably pulling your leg.

Just remember - PR won’t make your brand into Chanel overnight. It takes relationship building and constant evolution to see growth.



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