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a v chill podcast for creative women. Whether you’re launching a brand new business or you’re a seasoned professional who needs a boost of motivation, this podcast is for you! We’ll cover everything from basic business practices, to branding and marketing, social media, and more. Pull up a seat and grab a cup of (iced) coffee as I chat with some of my favorite creative entrepreneurs who share their stories and real life experience and advice.


the latest on pretty okay


Episode 018 - Launching a new product-based business with vanessa wade

Graphic designer and founder of Wiley Body, Vanessa Wade, joins me this week to share her story.

Episode 017 - The Magical Art of Delegating

Learn how you can finally relinquish the day-today tasks confidently and efficiently as we go through the how, what and why of delegating!


5 key traits of a confident business owner and how you can train yourself to get there.

about Samantha

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Thanks for being here. I hope this podcast will not only help you grow your brand and business, but will also make you smile. As someone who has spent countless hours commiserating about social media, business, and never getting enough sleep thanks to a barnacle baby, I totally get it. This shit’s hard. But hopefully you’ll take some peace in knowing we’re all just navigating through it together.

ok, onto the obligatory bio…

I’m like, really smart. My therapist said I need to say that outloud more. I received my MBA from Harvard Business School with a concentration in corporate finance and sustainability. After working in the corporate marketing world as the youngest CFO in San Diego, I won the “Emerging Generation” award for San Diego business leaders under 30. Long story and one really freaking cute baby later, I found myself in the creative industry and I never looked back. I run on a minimum of 6 espresso shots a day, always on ice. I only watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and Law and Order SVU, and I have a lifelong obsession and purest love for Dolly Parton + Freddie Mercury. I’ve played classical piano for over 20 years, but I have a soft spot for Harlem Stride. When I officially decided I was never going back to the corporate world I immediately tattooed “MOM” on my hand to seal the deal. I’m the most introverted, socially awkward social butterfly you’ll ever meet.

Find me on IG at @prettyokaypodcast and @samanthawelker

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